This is going to be an interesting week for the project. Patxi Gortázar and Micael Gallego, from the CodeURJC group, will be at expo:QA’17. Expo:QA is an international conference on testing and quality assurance. It’s held this week between 13th and 15th June in Madrid, Spain. People from around ...

12 Jun 2017

Contributing to ElasTest

Contributing to ElasTest

Hi again. We are really busy these days setting up CI infrastructure for our repositories and starting the development of ElasTest, but I’d like to stop for a while and talk to you about how can you contribute to the project. At the end of the day, ElasTest is an open source project from the comm...

07 Jun 2017

NetFutures 2017

ElasTest will participate in NetFutures event

NET FUTURES 2017 will serve as a forum to debate the shape of Internet in the years to come. How will Internet look like in 2027? This event is for everyone to discuss and learn where the “Internetisation” of everything will lead us to. ElasTest will be participating in the event, by attending t...

23 May 2017

ElasTest team

Face to face meeting in Berlin

During 4th and 5th May, we held our second face to face meeting, this time in Berlin, hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute. The Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) makes research in and develops application-oriented solutions related to communication technologies and service...

08 May 2017

ElasTest logo

Introducing ElasTest

It has been almost six years since Marc Andreessen published his article “Why software is eating the world” [1], but it could have been written just a month ago. Wherever we look, we find software supporting our actions, likings, and jobs. Software is becoming so pervasive that software developer...

28 Apr 2017