Year 2017

The project takes as inputs the ideas specified in the objectives and a set of input technologies provided by the partners. From them, the consortium executes the research and development activities creating the ElasTest services. There are validated through experimental proofs of concept. During this year the agile cycle shall be limited to stages to define, built and learn. Being research and development the main target of efforts during the first three releases.

Milestone number Title Date Objectives

First ElasTest Architecture


First agile cycle (Release 1) executed generating a first
version of the requirements and a first version of the architecture


First ElasTest artifacts


Second agile cycle (Release 2) executed generating initial software
artifacts of ElasTest based on the above- mentioned architecture


Early ElasTest Platform


First version of the ElasTest platform ready and
validated through experimental poofs of concept

Year 2018

The platform is integrated as a whole through a CI methodology and with the support of a CI tool where tests validating the platform in a controlled lab environment are executed. These tests collect requirements coming from four relevant vertical domains (Video transmission, Internet of Things, Software defined networks and Web and Mobile apps). In parallel, research and development activities continue under that CI umbrella. As a result, ElasTest is validated in relevant industrial environments. Hence, the Test stage shall become important through activities providing valuable insight in relation to whether ElasTest is appropriately implemented.

Milestone number Title Date Objectives

ElasTest CI system


ElasTest CI system fully qualified and in production
enabling delivery and testing of all ElasTest components


Mature ElasTest Platform


Mature implementation of ElasTest validated in laboratory
through the ElasTest CI system and tests

Year 2019

In addition to the research and development and the integration/validation activities, during this phase a demonstration activity in launched on four vertical domains. This demonstration follows a rigorously defined methodology using empirical surveys, comparative case studies and (quasi)-experiments. As a result, the most mature ElasTest results are demonstrated in relevant industrial environments. Hence, the Experiment and Measure stages will be activated through the vertical demonstrators. During this period, the demonstration activities will gain maximum relevance for the project.

Milestone number Title Date Objectives

ElasTest fully qualified


Fully qualified ElasTest platform validated through demonstrators, as specified in WP7,
and providing the appropriate exploitation plans, as specified in WP8