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Since the dawn of DevOps, the volume and frequency of required testing have increased significantly, making test automation indispensable for any large software project. However, test automation is a complex task, highly resource-consuming both in terms of time and the required skills. ElasTest ...

10 Jul 2018


ElasTest Release Notes v0.9.1

One year after starting the development efforts in the project we are shipping a new version which includes many important new features we’ve been developing during the last four months. This new ElasTest release, version 0.9.1, has brought some new features, along with a more stabilized core pla...

11 May 2018


ElasTest Fifth face-to-face meeting

On May 3 and 4, the consortium that makes up the European project H2020 ElasTest met in Madrid, at the Campus of Móstoles of the Rey Juan Carlos University. At this meeting, which is held almost at the halfway point of the project, Release 4 was presented. For the second consecutive time, all the...

07 May 2018


ElasTest Makes Testing Productive

There is no doubt that the delivery of services to end-users is a huge productivity gain. It is this that is a key aspect when we talk about digitisation of business today. Being able to provide a service on-demand to a user, a business, a family or a developer allows that person to concentrate o...

19 Apr 2018

ElasTest Webinars

ElasTest Webinar

The Software Engineering for Services and Application cluster gathers together EU funded projects that innovate and research in the area of Software Engineering. ElasTest belongs to this cluster, and as such, participates in the different activities of the cluster in close collaboration with othe...

05 Mar 2018

ElasTest QUATIC track

Quality aspects on cloud-based platforms and services

The ElasTest’s project coordinator is co-chairing with Hui Song (SINTEF) the track Quality Aspects in Cloud-based Platforms and Services as part of the 11th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology (QUATIC’18) to be held in Coimbra, Portugal between the...

02 Mar 2018

WebRTC Testing

WebRTC Quality of Experience and testing

The multimedia real-time communications area has been traditionally a complex arena where different interests, standards, technologies and visions compete pushing into divergent directions. The arrival of WebRTC brought promises of convergence and openness. But what WebRTC exactly is? WebRTC (“...

26 Feb 2018

ElasTest Monitoring Service architectural diagram

Eating our own dog food

What are the buzzwords do you hear often in testing? Quality and high speed is the new mantra! Everyone wants the best products the fastest as possible, the fastest time to market, say managers… on the other side, by repeating a cliché “A good user experience is the key to a successful product”...

26 Jan 2018

ElasTest Beta release

ElasTest Beta release

We are celebrating!! Before enjoying some relax and family time during Christmas holidays, on December 22nd we released our first public beta. This has been a major milestone in our roadmap. During November and December we have been demo’ing ElasTest at different events (Berlin 5G week, Valencia ...

16 Jan 2018

ElasTest Monitoring Service architectural diagram

Research in Monitoring within ElasTest

Software is becoming more and more oblivious in all aspects of our lives. Software based companies are becoming economically more dominant, opening new economic sectors with surprising innovations and making economic processes more efficient (see, for example, Marc Andreeseen “Why software is eat...

26 Dec 2017