ElasTest awarded in ExpoQA'17

Patxi Gortázar (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)

ElasTest ExpoQA

Micael Gallego, Technical Coordinator of the ElasTest project, was awarded with the best session award at the international conference ExpoQA held on 13-15 June in Madrid.

The International Conference on Testing and Quality Assurance (ExpoQA) has more than 13 years now, and it is a place where practitioners (industry) and academics get in touch and discuss current trends and future approaches to the world of software testing. Companies requesting QA services and companies offering those services attend and talk to each other to find new ways of collaborating, reducing costs, and increasing quality of their products. Hence, it seemed an interesting event for ElasTest to attend.

Mica presenting

Micael Gallego and Patxi Gortazar from CodeURJC attended the conference as speakers. They shared their experiences in the open source videoconferencing platform Kurento, and in EU projects like Nubomedia and Fiware, where they were involved in using containers for testing.

Patxi presenting

Patxi Gortazar presented earlier experiences migrating a CI environment from VMs to Docker containers, and how functional and non-functional tests had to evolve to accommodate those changes. Concretely, he exposed the problems faced when running browsers within containers for end-to-end testing in the context of a videconferencing application, and how different network conditions can be forced to emulate real-world conditions. Micael Gallego, in his session, complemented Patxi’s talk with a hands-on workshop on Docker containers. There was a huge expectation on how to use Docker containers in CI, as some people are seeing them as a feasible solution for some of the problems that arise when managing CI infrastructure in complex testing scenarios. Mica talked about how Docker is changing the way developers manage the lifecycle of their applications, from inception to production, focusing on how to leverage containers in integration testing and quality assurance. His workshop was voted by attendants as the best session at the conference.

The workshop slides are available here. If you’re curious about how we leveraged containers for Kurento’s CI environment, the talk given by Patxi is available here.