ElasTest Webinar

Patxi Gortázar (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)

ElasTest Webinars

The Software Engineering for Services and Application cluster gathers together EU funded projects that innovate and research in the area of Software Engineering. ElasTest belongs to this cluster, and as such, participates in the different activities of the cluster in close collaboration with other projects.

As part of the activities of the cluster, at the beginning of 2018, several webinars will be carried out, each one focused on a specific project, in order to give these projects the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements so far. ElasTest joined this first round of webinars, and we will be holding our webinar on Tuesday March 20th 2018, from 1600 to 1700 CET. The complete list of webinars can be found here (PDF).

If you want to join our webinar, get to know what we did during the first year of the project, and what you can achieve by using ElasTest, or if you just want to watch our project coordinator failing miserably at the demo, just register here. We count on you!!

We want to thank Anna Perini for organizing the webinars, and Elisabetta Di Nitto for leading the cluster.

Happy testing!!

The ElasTest team.