ElasTest Fifth face-to-face meeting

Patxi Gortázar (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)


On May 3 and 4, the consortium that makes up the European project H2020 ElasTest met in Madrid, at the Campus of Móstoles of the Rey Juan Carlos University. At this meeting, which is held almost at the halfway point of the project, Release 4 was presented. For the second consecutive time, all the components that make up the ElasTest platform were demonstrated. These demonstrations have made it possible to assess the level of maturity of the different components and to plan the tasks for the next 4 months, and in particular to prepare the first review of the project by the European Commission.

During the second day of the meeting, some technical topics were discussed, such as the enormous memory requirements of ElasTest and some possible strategies to reduce them, security management between all the services of the platform, or the advances in automatic test case generation and test orchestration. The latter research is led by the Code group of the URJC.

This year brings important milestones for the project and its members. First of all, a new beta version will be released shortly, which includes several improvements and greater stability of the platform in general. Secondly, the first review of the project will take place in July, where three external experts appointed by the European Commission will evaluate the achievements so far. Finally, the consortium will be participating in two very important events: ICSE, the largest international conference on Software Engineering, where the beta will be presented and released in the next few days, and in June Francisco Gortázar, project coordinator, will present it to the Italian chapter of the ISQTB (International Software Tester Qualification Board), which attracts quality assurance professionals from all over Italy. This will be an important meeting point between the ElasTest research project and the industry that will allow the project to be aligned with the needs of professionals in the coming year and a half.

Before closing the meeting on Friday, the consortium decided to hold the next physical meeting in Barcelona, on 27 and 28 September.