A sample application (backend + db) is started, and a parameterized test is run several times with different parameter values. Logs & metrics are collected and the later are shown together in a comparative graph.

docker run --rm -v ~/.elastest:/data -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock elastest/platform start

Recommended system specifications

ElasTest needs some minimum system specifications in order to run smoothly:

Processor 1GHz or faster
SWAP 4GB (if RAM < 16GB)
Hard Disk 30GB

Multi-Configuration TJobs

For this it is necessary to activate the "multi" option in the TJob creation page, and new Multi-Configuration we add the variable BROWSER with the values: chrome and firefox. This TJob run the test with the chrome browser and after with the firefox.

When run the TJobs we will see two executions with the values indicates for each, chrome and firefox:

Then we can see the comparative of the two executions: