Freestyle Jobs

As mentioned above, the ElasTest plugin can also be used from a freestyle project, although at the moment it only offers some basic functionalities:

  • Send the logs generated during the build of a Job to ElasTest
  • Request an EUS TSS (a support services that provides browsers on demand), which can be used during the build.
  • Send the test results report generated by the build to ElasTest

To configure a Freestyle Job with ElasTest integrated, you will must select the Integrate Jenkins with ElasTest field. In this case, the EUS field is not required that is why this example do not need a web browser.

To complete this freestyle job, you must download the project inside of this repository and introduce cd ./unit/junit5-unit-test;mvn test in the Build command.

Job result

After we run the Freestyle Job, we can check the results in both platforms, Jenkins and ElasTest.

If in your Jenkins job you check the Discard old builds option and set a value for Max # of builds to keep, it will also be set in ElasTest, saving only the last N runs.