ElasTest 1.5.0 has been released. And don't forget to check out our white paper!

Jenkins integration

ElasTest and Jenkins work together with a marvelous integration

ElasTest provides a Jenkins plugin for you to use the platform in your CI environment. Thanks to this you can make use of some features provided by ElasTest, such as log analysis or the use of on-demand browsers.

TestLink integration

Manual testing with the power of automation

Run your test plans in ElasTest, manually, and let ElasTest collect logs, metrics, and every relevant piece of information about your application behaviour during your test sessions. Boost the communications across your team.

Monitor your software

Get useful information from all your components

Every test, web browser, database, application... generates logs and consumes computing resources. And knowing when and how they change can give you a huge advantage as a tester

Advanced integration tools

Easily connect all the components wherever they are and run your tests in a few clicks

With ElasTest you can build, run, monitor and analyse your application and testing environment to learn more about your software

Analyse your logs

ElasTest Log Analyzer: a powerfool tool for finding what you want in the vast flood of logs

Gathering logs is only the first step. None of this would make sense if you couldn't dive into your logs with a powerful, intuitive and adaptative tool as ElasTest Log Analyzer

Take advantage of ElasTest testing services

Web Browsers, security testing, IoT...

ElasTest powerful environment provides useful tools for different kinds of testing. For now, you can try different browsers and versions with Web Browser Service

Easy deployment

Try ElasTest on your laptop and deploy it on your server or AWS

ElasTest can be executed with a single Docker command in your own machine, or you can deploy it on Amazon Web Services in a few clicks.