Challenges and Opportunities for Software Testing in the Cloud

Antonia Bertolino (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)

ElasTest Tarot 2017

Hi again!

We are back by the end of the summer to share news about ElasTest and cloud with you! As usual we want to share with you some updates about ElasTest project; we now want to share with you our vision and some news about the challenges and opportunities for software testing in the cloud.

We fairly know that the cloud is depicted seen somehow as as the wonderland for both users and providers. Users can exploit the full power of Internet by flexibly and securely accessing the services that best fit their needs among plentiful choices. Software providers can draw on the latest technology advances for creating new competitive offers. Such benefits come along with the increased complexity of validating the several dimensions of cloud applications (for i.e., example testing of the cloud itself).

However, the good news is that the cloud itself can be leveraged to facilitate test execution, decrease the costs incurred in setting up the test environment, and even provide guidance for strategic testing of functional and non-functional properties (i.e., migrating test management and execution over the cloud, a.k.a testing in the cloud).

We are pleased to share with you that Antonia Bertolino, from the CNR-ISTI group, recently gave an introductory course survey presenting the challenges and opportunities of cloud testing at the 13th TAROT Summer School on Software Testing, Verification & Validation (Naples, Italy - June 26 - 30, 2017). The presentation included an overview of how the ElasTest project is approaching to such challenges and presents opportunities to cloud testing research.

She invited all the attendees, who were both PhD students and teachers engaged in forefront research on various facets of software testing, to join the ElasTest community and contribute to our goal of building an open-source flexible platform for testing large distributed applications.

We invite you to check the slides from the talk in our SlideShare channel here. We are also working on a comprehensive survey on the state-of-the-art in cloud testing research, stay tuned for more news!