Eating our own dog food

Emilia García (ATOS Worldline) and Malena Donato (ATOS)

ElasTest Monitoring Service architectural diagram

What are the buzzwords do you hear often in testing?

Quality and high speed is the new mantra!

Everyone wants the best products the fastest as possible, the fastest time to market, say managers… on the other side, by repeating a cliché “A good user experience is the key to a successful product” developers think immediately before releasing their software: testing is a must.

Why testing is so important? It’s all about continuous integration… but there’s more to it.

Code can be rewritten, changed, transformed, and updated, then it is eventually checked-in, verified and then… ¡¡Boom!! A new product is launched! But maybe this doesn’t translate into best experience for users. With the increase need of distributed and more interconnected software systems, are developers ready to satisfy this demand?

All these questions are the reasons why Atos team has been participating for the past year in ElasTest project. We are investigating on how to answer some of these questions.

We participate in ElasTest because in different areas of the company testing presents many challenges that we want to overcome. We aim to use ElasTest in three different areas: Mobile Competence Centre of Worldline, Canopy Compose (our Cloud offering) and for enriching and supporting the FIWARE activities in testing.

Atos technical team brings his expertise in large distributed systems coordinating the platform specification and architecture, which provides a Service-Oriented-Infrastructure where each of the modules constitutes a fine-grained SOA. Atos is also the leader of the work related to the Cloud Components, both Cloud components for the ElasTest platform, enabling the execution of the platform seamlessly, and the Instrumentation components, offering to the final tester the ability to get a close look on the applications while emulates real world conditions.

Also, Atos leads the Exploitation & dissemination activities in the ElasTest project and we are already creating the ElasTest community, a community of users where Atos is core member!

ElasTest platform is Free Open Source Software and we are already creating a community of users and contributors who can help transforming ElasTest into a worldwide reference in the area of large software systems testing and guaranteeing the long term platform sustainability.

But now let’s go back to the use cases. Atos provides a use case for the project, with the Mobile Competence Centre of Worldline which offers to its customer’s services that cover the full development cycle of mobile applications including testing. This use case is unique because it provides real industry requirements about which are the key points that web and mobile applications must meet to fulfill the market demands. Including, among others functional and non-functional testing, performance, and security testing, as well as device compatibility.

What Atos Worldline wants is to increase software quality, but reducing testing costs, including complex test scenarios, and having necessary tools for implementing an industrialized and automatized testing service, and to offer it to our customers as an additional topic of portfolio. Reliability in testing will be one of our main differentiating factors.

In sum, we are interested in reducing the complexity and time, and deliver our products with better quality. Increase the overall software quality of Atos products. Understanding, how to reduce complexity of software testing on large distributed systems in the Cloud.

In the mobile sector, testing is particularly critical and complex, characterized by a large diversity both of hardware and software, with a plenty of different devices from many branches, models and sizes, and several operating systems with many different versions. For a company like Atos Worldline using ElasTest will result in minimizing these problems increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile testing processes. As we have various Quality Assurance groups and we need to increase the quality provided without increasing costs and execution time, the ElasTest service will imply to simplify current testing process of complex distributed large software systems.

Worldline plays therefore a key role in the project with more than 10 years of experience in the mobility sector and more than 70 people exclusively dedicated to the design, development and testing of applications. Atos Worldline will provide and test in their own systems large set of web and mobile projects to verify the behavior of ElasTest platform.

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